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Living life on our own terms

We shouldn't try to tell people how to live their lives. You see all these things on Facebook telling you to go travelling, to jump off cliffs and live each day doing something incredible and even though that sounds amazing and some people want to do that, others may enjoy going to work and spending time with their loved ones. Some people may not like the idea of working for themselves and having the uncertainty of a stable income, some people may prefer going on holiday and staying in luxurious hotels over backpacking and staying in hostels with strangers in an unusual country.

 It's all about preference, and I think even though I understand these posts and whole "live doing the things that make you happy" meaning behind it, I often wonder how that makes people feel: the people who don't want to do those things. The people who thrive off of and enjoy living their day-to-day life rather than jumping out of aeroplanes and eating strange creatures that definitely shouldn't be eaten. Does it make them feel boring? Does it make them feel less than? Why isn't being able to provide for yourself, having a nice home and loyal friends #lifegoals? Why don't people enjoy driving to the shop and finding out their favourite chocolate is on offer, or a film they've always wanted to watch is now showing on tv. I believe you should always try to enjoy the little things in life too.

Sure, if you want to go travelling do it, go! You'll have a bloody fantastic time. If you want to get drunk on the weekends, do it, go dance the night away! Just drink a pint of water before bed. If you want to cliff dive and skydive and waterski and swim with sharks, go do those things! But at the same time, if you want to snuggle down in bed with a hot chocolate watching your favourite movie, or keep your head down and strive to be the best person at your job, or even if you want to spend your days or nights getting lost in different books and different worlds, go and do those! Live your life the way YOU want to live it, even if it seems 'boring' to someone else. If it brings you joy, there's no reason to not pursue it. Do you, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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