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Are our lives mapped out for us?

The universe is a funny thing isn't it. I love that no one really knows for sure what this whole life malarkey is all about: how we got here, why we're here, what's the point in it all. 

I love that everyone you speak to about it has a different opinion and different theories; I'm a big fan of hearing people's thoughts about why they think they as an individual are here on this earth and what they feel their point in life is.

I had a pretty shit start to life, I'm surprised I made it out in all fairness but because of that, it makes me think that there was a reason for me to be here: I managed to survive so much from within the womb that there must be a bigger reason for me to make it out of the womb. 

Personally, I think I'm here to write and to help people as much as I can - not in a saintly way but in an I'm a human being, you're a human being, let's be kind and compassionate towards each other kinda way. 

I think you have your path mapped out for you from when you're first conceived - if it wasn't, you wouldn't have been brought into this world, but I don't think it's as straightforward as "this is what you're meant to do, this is how you get there."

We as humans have the divine right of choices, I love a good choice me - if someone takes a choice away from me god help them, so taking that into account, I see our pathways more are sat-nav routes. You know like those tom-tom's that somehow tell you to go down streets that don't exist and you end up nearly driving into a lake so you have to turn around and it has a mental breakdown because WHY AREN'T YOU FOLLOWING MY ROUTE?! Yeah, I think our pathways are like that. 

We have the right of choice, so we will inevitably choose the wrong choice at some point in our lives making the universe go WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Meaning it (life) has to re-write the route to accommodate for our detour. We're always going to end up where you're meant to be, but it may take a little longer depending on the choices we make. Everything snowballs; that hobby you thought you'd try just for a 'laugh' well maybe that is going to enable the idea of a business for yourself, that person you smiled at and said 'Hello' to on your walk, they could be a valuable future connection for you. 

The same goes for 'bad' choices too - we'll get into the debate of whether anything is truly 'good' or bad' at a later point - I drank a lot back in my teens, I made some shitty choices and embarrassed myself a lot. It was only until I was so hungover that I was physically shaking and spilt my Rice Krispies down my front that I realised that 1. I don't enjoy drinking and 2. I don't enjoy hangovers. After that realisation I didn't drink for 2 years, and now I have maybe 1 or 2 drinks a year. Bad choices can also lead you in positive directions, bad choices make up your sat-nav route, too. 

I think everything interlinks and no-one is invaluable. 

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